NastyVCS (freeware)

NastyVCS is a free channel strip effect plug-in for Windows.

Inspired by the smooth dynamic and tone shaping capabilities of some high-end mixing consoles and channel strips, this plug-in implements the most distinctive and much appreciated sonic effects generated by these devices:

  • filtering and equalizing
  • preamp style saturation and phase adjustments
  • opto-electric compression


  • Performs gentle audio dynamic treatments
  • Masters difficult to handle audio material in a musical fashion
  • Shapes frequency and phase response
  • Adds extra harmonics and saturation effects
  • Controls outgoing audio peaks
  • Win32 / VST compatible
  • State-of-the-art digital signal processing
  • Performance-critical parts are written in assembler
  • Completely SSE optimized

NastyVCS is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Visit: Variety Of Sound

DOWNLOAD 2.21 mb

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