Unifyer 3 (freeware)

Unifyer 3 is free VST plug-in for Windows PC.

Unifyer is a trance music orientated synth, with 2 unison oscillators giving you big unison style trance leads and pads. Also featured an arpeggiator with groove adjust, 3 fiters, EQ and an extensive double delay effect. Comes with MIDI learn to give you hardware control.

Unifyer 3 Features

  • 2 x Stereo Unison oscillators with 68 Waveforms.
  • Up to 8 uni voices per oscillator.
  • 2 x Stereo Multimode Filters.
  • 2 x Amp ADSR.
  • 2 x Filter ADSR.
  • 2 x LFO with BPM Sync and multiple routing options.
  • Phrase Arpeggiator with 128 note memory.
  • Groove Control.
  • CV Step Sequencer with multiple routing options.
  • Double Stereo Delay.
  • 3 Band EQ.
  • 32 Patches.

Visit: Angular Momentum

DOWNLOAD 3.59 mb

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