Aegis (free)

Aegis is a free synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

Aegis is inspired by the old Amiga 500 softsynth Sonix by Aegis. It’s main features are the Drawable Oscillator and LFO waveforms and a special type of Phase Distortion.

Aegis Features

  • 1 drawable oscillator (128 samples).
  • 1 drawable LFO, that can be used as an envelope.
  • ADSR with adjustable slopes.

  • Two types of phase distortion/modulation.
  • Low-pass filter.
  • Can add harmonics to the drawable waveform.
  • Waveform copy and paste.

The plug-in is available for Windows (VST) at no charge.

Visit: Xenobioz

Download 2.7 mb

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