Cynthia (freeware)

Cynthia is freeware virtual modular synth plug-in inspired by the EMS SynthiA.

Cynthia is monophonic VSTi, very Old School, but will still be able to keep in tune throughout the song, patches can be stored and it is of course fully MIDI controllable.

With Cynthia you can do all that crazy stuff you cant do with a modern synth.

Cynthia Features (Like SynthiA)

  • 3 oscillators with controls for shape and level of the waveform: OSC1: Range from 0.6 Hz to 16 kHz, sine and triangle; OSC2: Range from 0.6 Hz to 16 kHz, square and triangle; OSC3: Range from 0.015 Hz to 500 Hz, square and triangle
  • Noise generator.
  • Two audio inputs so you can modify the sound of a guitar or your voice.
  • A nasty filter that can go into self-oscillation.
  • An attack-hold-decay(-repeat) envelope controlling the volume, and doubling as an envelope generator with a freely assignable output.
  • Ring modulator.
  • Spring reverb.
  • Joystick for extra control.
  • Stereo outputs with extra filters, pan and volume control.
  • A 16 x 16 routing matrix, where you can connect everything at will.
  • 2 pairs of stereo outputs: Direct out, Speaker (simulating the sound of a pair of canny speakers).

Extra Stuff In Cynthia

  • Each OSC can be synced and phase shifted (0-180 degrees) at will.
  • A delay module with delay time in the range 0-0.1 seconds or 1-10 seconds. This allows you to delay not only audio, but also phase shift it or delay control voltages.
  • More advanced modifications of envelope control voltage as you can add bias, invert it and adjust its level independently.
  • Inversion of each individual connection you make in the matrix.
  • A simple 8 step control voltage sequencer, that allows you to make a sequence of notes, but also filter frequency, amplification or what ever you feel like.
  • Adjustable portamento time, so you can make nice glides.
  • A build in tuner, so you can tune each OSC by ear.
  • 3 extra matrix rows for the build in CV sequencer, and host MIDI pitch and velocity.
  • A collection of nice presets to get you started (thanks HSkovlund).
  • And of course: MIDI cc’s can be assigned at your command to any knob!.

Visit: NineCows

DOWNLOAD 7.29 mb

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