Abletunes Knobs: Drive, Space & Attack (free)

Abletunes Knobs: Drive, Space, and Attack are three free effect plugins in the new OneKnobFX series released by Abletunes.

Abletunes team is pleased to announce that our firstofitskind initiative to create VST/AU FX plugins materialized and the plugins are ready for download. Some time ago we’ve decided to give it a try and finally completed the development of several nifty minitools we’d like to share as freeware. Do not expect anything mega fancy here though, it’s not the case (yet). To bow thanks to our regular readers, customers and followers we distribute them for free, and you may download them straight away following this link

As you may understand from the titles Drive Knob is a stereo distortion unit, Attack Knob is a simplified transient shaper and Space Knob is a midsized stereo reverb.

These tools will help you to solve certain specific problems faster, spending less effort, especially during the production stage as sometimes you need to act fast to grab the mood and feel of the moment, leaving the finetuning for a mixdown stage. Apart from that — they may be handy in liveperforming situations so we do recommend to give them a try. Again — all three are free of charge.

The plugins are available for download for Windows and Mac (32/64-bit VST/AU). All plugins support MIDI automation, namely FX Level and ON/OFF switches.

Visit: Abletunes

Download 44.6 mb

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