Definitive Piano Collection (The Grandeur, The Maverick, The Gentleman)

Definitive Piano Collection is piano bundle by Native Instruments for Kontakt.

Three exquisitely sampled pianos deliver the perfect sound for any production task. Together, these pianos offer unprecedented detail, and a varied and nuanced sonic range – from pristine realism to evocative washed-out ambiences.

THE GRANDEUR brings a beloved concert grand to life in crisp, sonorous detail. Featuring a bright, silky top end and booming, full bass even in the quietest passages, THE GRANDEUR delivers a high-end sound that is perfectly at home in mainstream pop, jazz, and classical productions.

THE MAVERICK is an impeccable recreation of a sonically-singular instrument – a 1905 concert grand made for the Prince of Prussia. THE MAVERICK delivers a wide range of color and an unconventional sound where every key has character – a singular piano built for royalty.

THE GENTLEMAN is a sampled instrument based on an upright piano from 1908. This piano has survived with all the original parts intact, and you can hear this turn-of-the-century character in the recordings. With a sound both delicate and expressive, THE GENTLEMAN is the only upright you’ll ever need.

Definitive Piano Collection is available for purchase for $199 USD, or sold separetly for $99 USD.

VIsit: Native Instruments

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