Freeverb3 (freeware)

Freeverb3 is a free sound processing library.

Freeverb3 library includes high quality freeverb, nreverb, impulse response reverb, FIR filter constructor, band splitter, hardknee/softknee compressor, stereo enhancer and lookahead soft limiter.

Oversampling feature provides high quality of audio processing. The compressor provides mastering quality audio processing. This library includes XMMS plugins, audacious plugins, BMP beep media player plugins and sample programs, which enable you to test the audio effects easily.

Freeverb3 Features

  • Reverb Impulse Response Processor: This uses FFTW3. This includes fast zero latency multithread algorithms.
  • Enhanced Freeverb: More precise processing.
  • Stereo Enhancer: Simple differential stereo enhancer.
  • Enhanced NVerb: Stereo-spread and feedback enhancements.
  • Softknee/Hardknee Compressor: Simple compressor with RMS/envelope detector.
  • Softknee/Hardknee Limiter: Simple limiter with RMS/envelope detector.
  • 1-Pole/1-Zero LPF/HPF.
  • Linear Phase 3band frequency splitter.
  • Linear phase multi band compressor.
  • Sampling Rate Converter: Wrapper of libsamplerate.


DOWNLOAD 5.91 mb

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