IMP-OSC-TOR (freeware)

IMP-OSC-TOR is free VST plug-in for Windows PC.

This is a small and quite simple freeware synth with fairly low CPU-usage designed by NekroBat using Outsim Synth|Maker. Despite its simple design and appearance it is capable of creating many types of sounds, especially bass-sounds (for which it was intended).

IMP-OSC-TOR  Features

  • 2 Oscillators with individual detuners. The Oscillators sports 5 waveforms 
    Osc 1 can modulate Osc 2 in various ways (Phaze, Freq, Ring and Amplitude modulation).
    It can also perform Filter-Fm. Osc 2 can be synced to Osc 1. 
    Both Oscillators have Phaze- and Pwm-knobs for such modulation (which can also be
    modulated with the LFO:s)
  • 1 Multi-mode Filter with lots of Filter-types. The Filters Cut-off can be modulated by the 
    dedicated ADSR-envelope, the mod-wheel, the LFO:s or Osc 1.
  • 2 ADSR-envelopes. One controlling the Filter-cutoff and the other the synths Amplitude.
  • 2 Multi-mode LFO:s. They have each 5 waveforms (Sine,Saw,Triangle,Square and Ramp) and
    have 2 Speed-selections (slow,Fast) or Step-select.They can be set to be free-running or 
    to restart.The LFO:s are BPM-controlled via the preset-manager* and have many destination 
    possibilities (and also the choice of controlling 2 at the same time if you want).
  • 2 Effects (Delay, Chorus). The Delay has 2 types (Ping-pong, Echo) and the Chorus can be
    used as a flanger via the Feed-knob.
  • 20 Presets of sounds + 1 Init-patch. In the preset-manager you will find a voice-selector
    for up to 8-voices of polyphony. If only 1 voice is selected then the Portamento knob will
    be activated next to the Main-out knob. In the preset-manager you can also alter the BPM and
    the pitch-bend amount by retyping in a new value. Of course you can also find a file-selector
    which is used to Load or Save your own presets (the preset-name can also be retyped by clicking
    the current name).
  • Also note that the synth can be played using the QWERTY-keyboard.

Visit: Nekrodisko

DOWNLOAD 2.93 mb

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