Supertone (freeware)

Les Productions Zvon has announced Supertone, a free reed organ Maize Sampler instrument made by Jason Morin.

Contains samples from the Supertone reed organ that is part of my Reed Organs sample set. I recorded it with 2 different microphones including a shotgun mic, the samples in the VSTi are those recorded with the regular mic.

There are less samples than in the sample set. In the sample set, each of the 25 keys (from C3 to C5) was sampled and included. In the plug-in, 5 samples are used mapped to roughly 5 keys each. Even with less samples it is very playable and enjoyable. The fan noise and powering up samples are also not included.

It has 7 controls to tweak the playback of the samples:

  • Volume.
  • Pan.
  • Reverb.
  • Attack.
  • Release.
  • LFO (to pitch) rate and depth.

Supertone for Windows (VST) is a free download.

Visit: Les Productions ZvonDOWNLOAD 8.91 mb

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