Uniwave (freeware)

Uniwave is a free VST synthesizer plug-in for Windows PC.

Based on a substractive architecture, Uniwave have also some FM capababilities. A few unusual controls permiting to tweak and bend your own sound.

Uniwave Features

  • Real Stereo sub / fm synthetizer
  • 8 voices polyphony
  • 1x VA custom VCO
  • 1x Sub. VCO (RING, FM, PD)
  • Unison mode, up to 7 stacked waves
  • VCF1 : 12 / 24 dB LPF
  • VCF2 : 12 / 24 dB HPF / LPF
  • 2x LFO
  • 3x Envelopes
  • Flexible modulation through a large dual matrix :
    • Poly and Mono signal splitted.
    • Stereo poly signals.
  • 2x Polypnonic Arpeggiator
  • Modulated delay FX 

Visit: Novaflash

DOWNLOAD 2.70 mb

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