Shuniji Pro (freeware)

Shuniji Pro is a free VST plug-in for Windows PC.

Shuniji seems quite simple, but it is highly efficient for even complex sound creations due to some versatile modulations and the Rainbow Modulator / Colorizer.

Shuniji Pro Features

  • Two PCM-wave oscillators powered by 124 different waveforms, one with level modulation
  • Rainbow Modulator for astonishing additional soundcolors
  • One lowpassfilter (24db with resonance) + 4 direct and 2 indirect modulations
  • Filter-FM with selectable oscillator
  • Two ADSR envelope generators
  • Three LFO, one Sample & Hold (S&H) and one contour generator (CG); all bpm-synced
  • One LFO with complex waveforms and rate adjustable by knob
  • Saturator
  • Pan with modulation
  • Bpm-synced Stereo-Delay with color adjustment and Time modulation
  • 8 voices 
  • 3 Lazy Button

Visit: H.G. Fortune

DOWNLOAD 31.34 mb

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