Motion (freeware)

Motion is free VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.
The basic idea behind Motion, as its name suggests, is to offer a wide variety of ways to create automated movement of the synth’s sound. This is achieved by the use of 4 envelopes, 8 LFOs, three 16 step sequencers, and a filtered delay module…all of which can sync to your host’s MIDI clock.

Motion is capable of a huge range of sounds, and its modulation options can provide anything from subtle shifts in the sound, to presets so complex they’re nearly songs in their own right.

Motion Features

  • 2 Oscillators (PD and VA).
  • 2 Multi Mode Resonant Filters.
  • 2 Waveshapers.
  • 2 Detuners.
  • FM and Sync.
  • 4 Envelopes.
  • 8 LFOs (17 destinations).
  • 16 Step Pitch Sequencer.
  • 16 Step Filter Sequencer.
  • 16 Step Gate Sequence.
  • Digital Delay with its own LP Filter.
  • Midi Sync for all movement.
  • Patch Randomizer.
  • 128 Patches By: Ugo, Tim Conrardy, Kered, Likwid, ToTc and rsmus7.

Visit: Ugo Audio
DOWNLOAD 1.45 mb

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