MoPif (free)

MoPif is a free synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

MoPif is a machine-sound-synthesizer that povides six noise/tone generators organized in three different pairs. It can produce a very wide range of machine or robot sounds (for example like Pink Floyd’s “Welcome To The Machine”!!!) but also many other noises. You may use MoPif for theatre, film and video production or as a special drumbox for music.

In addition to four analog sound modules there are two soundfont2 compatible sample sections, where you can load in your own samples.

After all MoPif controls it’s modules by a 8 step sequencer that is syncronized to your host software.

MoPif comes to you including 32 factory presets and over 60 digital samples, specially recorded and edited for this project.

While MoPif is very easy to use, programming of new user patches is a funny occupation because it can generate very stupid sounds.

MoPif Features

  • 4 analog and 2 digital sound generators
  • triggered by 8-step built-in-sequencer or MIDI notes
  • syncronized to host software
  • easy and amusing to use
  • can produce a wide spectrum of sounds
  • comes with 32 presets and 68 samples
  • useful for theatre, film, video and music production
  • english user manual with pictures included

Visit: Datura Instruments

DOWNLOAD 23.60 mb

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