AlioNoctis (freeware)

AlioNoctis is a free virtual synthesizer VST instrument for Windows PC.

AlioNoctis combines many of the benefits from H. G. Fortune’s ProtoPlasm, STS and Atonoise plug-ins with the ease of use many still love from the STS-21.

Sound-wise it goes beyond all the aforementioned plug-ins with vivid atmos, complex textures and pads but also some rhythmic sounds, all of which can be enriched by the out-of-this-world flavour of the Inferno, Spooks and Bass Enhancer features.

AlioNoctis Features

  • Three digital PCM-wave oscillators powered by 128 selectable waveforms.
  • 3rd oscillator with 8 slot wave-morphing selectable.
  • Oscillator Mix via X/Y Pad and various modulations.
  • Two resonant filters (24db Lowpass and 12db Highpass).
  • Three ADSR-style envelope generators.
  • Inferno for adding generated upper harmonics.
  • Spook 1 & 2 effects with X/Y Pad and various modulations.
  • Super Modulation X/Y Control Pad to modulate up to 10 destinations simultaneously.
  • LFO Section with 7 LFOs plus one Sample & Hold; most with BPM synced tempo and key sync.
  • Very efficient Bass Enhancer.
  • 1 dedicated Lazy buttons.
  • Straightforward and easy access editing on the GUI.

Visit: HG Fortune

DOWNLOAD 23.49 mb

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