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  Oct 14, 2011
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Xhip is a free virtual instrument plug-in for Windows.

Xhip was originally designed as a basic synthesizer used inside a tracker (acidtracker) around 1999. Before that it had existed in pieces as small tools for generating samples to be used in more common trackers. In 2003, it existed as a stand-alone application (acidsynth) and was then converted in to a VST instrument plug-in. It needed a new name as the synthesizer was really designed for simple, chipsounds, with a little xtra; not so much for TB-303 basslines or whatever else might be associated with acid.

Xhip Features

  • Software synthesizer, subtractive.
  • Two band limited oscillators (minblep).
  • Ringmod, sync.
  • Real glide.
  • Multimode filter, self oscillation possible, real keyboard tracking.
  • Two envelopes, two low frequency oscillators.
  • Modular modulation.
  • Per-sample modulation and glide.
  • Per-voice distortion with static filter.
  • Quite fast, very high quality.
  • Perfect note logic (mono/low/high/last/poly to 16 voices).
  • Correctly implemented round robin voice stealing, other modes planned.
    Xhip is available to download as a free VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

    Visit: Aciddose

    DOWNLOAD 159 kb