Distortion M Plus (free)

Distortion M Plus is free multiband distortion plug-in system for Windows that allows you to apply a different amount of distortion by frequency zones.

Distortion M Plus Features:

  • Standard Distortion
  • EQ Section
  • Multiband Distortion
  • Dual-Stage Distortion

Distortion M Plus it’s a multiband distortion plug-in system, that allows you to control the distortion effect for your sound.

It goes from the standard distortion to the multiband distortion, giving you the advantage to apply different amount of distortion by frequency zones, allowing you to expand your creativity.

The Distortion M Plus plug-in works also as an EQ section alone, and it can be used as a dual-stage effect, by combining the standard and multiband distortion altogether. Offering you the possibility to create complex harmonics.

Visit: MZK Media Technologies


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