Truth Synth (freeware)

Category: Ambient / FX / Pads
  Apr 26, 2011
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Truth Synth is a free virtual synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

There's no fat on this baby. It's built to perform and is available as a VST Instrument or Stand Alone version. This is a handy tool for sound design or instrument mimicry.


  • 2 Oscillators capable of Detuning, each with Volume Control and: Sine, Sawtooth, Triangle, Square, and Noise Waveforms
  • 1 highly adjustable Filter section for dialing in that perfect Timbre with Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject, and Peak Filtering
  • 1 ADSR Envelope with Follow function
  • 1 Ping-Pong Delay unit
  • Selectable MIDI In / Out – Low CPU usage – ASIO Compatible
  • 1 Convenient Purplish Patch Selector with 100 Multi-Colored Presets
  • Factory Bank to Restore Original Presets
Truth Synth is available to download as a freeware instrument for Windows PC (VST/Standalone).

Visit: Bible Truth Lion

DOWNLOAD 1.45 mb