THriCe (free)

Category: Arpeggiator
  Apr 22, 2010
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THriCe is 3-oscillator synthesizer VST instrument plug-in for Windows. The full version costs Ђ30 but a free version is also available - the only restriction is the missing filter modulation by the 3 StepSeq LFOs.

THriCe Features

  • 3 Oscillators:
    • OSC 1: Waveforms: Saw, Sawx2, Square, Ramp, THriCe OSC.
    • OSC 2: Waveforms: Sine, Saw, Triangle, Square, THriCe OSC.
    • OSC 3: Waveforms: Saw, Sawx2, Square, Ramp, Detuned OSC.
  • THriCe OSCillator is a dedicated FM OSC. Detuned is a Unison OSC.
  • Each OSC has its own individual StepSeq LFO filter modulation.
  • One multiband filter block per OSC plus a moog-like main filter.
  • A main LFO to give more life to patches.
  • Velocity gater with adjustable timing and random sequence creation.
  • Internal sequencer with adjustable sequence length, speed, scale and random feature.
  • Three more random options for patch creation. Filter, Filter Seq or Full synth.
  • A main complete FX section with random features.
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