SynthMaster (freeware)

Category: Arpeggiator
  Jan 21, 2010
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SynthMaster is a semi-modular software synthesizer and multi-FX plug-in. As a software synthesizer, it combines many different synthesis methods such as additive synthesis, subtractive synthesis, ring modulation, amplitude modulation, frequency / phase modulation, pulse width modulation, osc sync and waveshaping. As a multi-fx plug-in, it features 8 band parametric EQ/filterbank, 16 band Vocoder, Stereo Tremolo, Stereo Chorus, Stereo Delay and Stereo Reverb.
The free version is identical to the standard version with only three limitations:

  • 5 voice polyphony per plug-in.
  • 2 plug-in instances per project.
  • 10 bit audio input resolution (for the VST/standalone versions).
Visit: kv331audio
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