RMXL (freeware)

RMXL is a freeware virtual instrument plug-in for Windows.

RMXL is a re-release of a plug-in previously included as a Computer Music exclusive (it is to all intents and purposes a re-clothed RichmanCM). It is the best Richman synth to date with two totally independent sound sources and a wide variety of patches from electric-himalaya.com.

RMXL uses a hybrid of Physical Modelling and FM synthesis and is designed to be an expressive plug-in. Specializing in plucked or struck tones the Richman synths can also turn their hands to a great many other types of sounds.

Like RichmanCM, RMXL has some special features including the fact that each sound generating ‘line’ is totally independent meaning that they can have their own portamento, Glide or Mono/poly settings. Some of Himalaya’s patches show the mixed Mono & poly mode off to a very good advantage. Other improvements include Envelope modulation of the pre-filters and a much wider tuning range for line two.

RMXL is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

Visit: Krakli

DOWNLOAD 1.23 mb

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