STS-26 (freeware)

Category: Ambient / FX / Pads
  Mar 17, 2010
Total votes: 1629

STS-26 is a great synth if you're looking for pads, textures, soundscapes and athmospherics.


  • Complete new soundset with 128 waves + 21 parc. loops
  • Two contour generators can be drawn with mouse at realtime
  • Stereo flanger with flexible modulations for depth and feedback per channel
  • Both filters with Filter FM driven by selectable osc. source each
  • Low octave loop play [LOP] as part of the synthsound
  • Four PCM-wave oscillators powered by 128 selectable waveforms
  • two transition sections
  • two resonant filters (24db Lowpass and 12 db Highpass)
  • three ADSR-style envelope generators
  • two LFO (bpm-synced)
  • one Sample & Hold (bpm-synced)
  • Space rotation for sound rotating in stereo width
  • Stereo Delay (bpm synced)
  • three Lazy buttons
  • STS-26 uses less CPU than it's predecessor STS-24
Visit: H.G. Fortune

DOWNLOAD 19.6 mb