Ridiculously Red (free)

Category: Ambient / FX / Pads
  Nov 17, 2010
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Ridiculously Red is free virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Ridiculously Red is intended for live use due to its drone capabilities with knobs that automate knobs, but it can also be used normally to create dirty & gritty leads, thick basses, and pads with a sense of movement.

Ridiculously Red Features

  • Three continuous oscillator selection banks.
  • One continuous noise oscillator.
  • Gate switches for each bank and noise oscillator.
  • Pulse width control for each bank.
  • Coarse and fine tune controls for each bank.
  • Gate switches and amount control for additive noise to each bank.
  • Three buttons for experimental semi-modular routing.
  • Three modifiers to control experimental semi-modular routing.
  • Amplitude envelope controls for each bank: Delay, Attack, Peak, Hold, Delay1, Break-Point, Delay2, Sustain, Release, and Overall level.
  • Three unique LFOs with oscillator bank routing destinations.
  • Envelope retriggering and portamento controls.
  • Patch independent velocity and volume controls.
  • Knob automation bank with on/off switches, smoothness control, knob rotation amount, & rotation speed.
  • 63 non-automated patches, 64 knob automated patches, plus one blank patch.
  • Synth pixel dimensions: 843w x 436h.
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