Reese Bassline (freeware)

Category: Bass synths
  Mar 30, 2011
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Reese Bassline is a freeware bass instrument for Windows PC.

Hotelsinus Reese Bassline is a Drum and Bass 'Reese' and DubStep Bass Instrument. It can create wide variety of sounds, like hard bass, background atmosphere and, of course, the infamous Reese Bassline.

Reese Bassline Features

  • Minimized Graphical Interface (400*120 pixel) to fit 12 inch Laptop TFT.
  • Hard and Analogish Dual filtered Special Distortion Unit.
  • Three Parallel Filter.
  • One Phaser to create a real living instrument.
  • Stereo enhancer button, that's make the sound out of the box.
  • Final filter with switchable Lowpass or Highpass.
Visit: Hotelsinus Sound Design

DOWNLOAD 1.82 mb