Moon Sono Sx (free)

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  Oct 25, 2011
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Moon Sono Sx is free VST plug-in for Windows PC.

Moon Sono Sx is an emulation of the Moog Sonic Six. The Sono 6 features two VCOs with changeable waveform (sawtooth, triangle, square, pulse), 
one low-pass VCF, a VCA, two multimode LFOs for modulation. The Sono is a two-oscillator duophonic synth. It can be set for duophonic, (two notes at a time... one oscillator takes high-note priority and one oscillator takes low note priority), monophonic (both oscs), or monophonic with a drone (one osc changes pitch, one does not). The pitch of each oscillator can be controlled by dual LFO, one by contour, and the other by the other oscillator.

The Sono Sx also features pink or white noise. The Dual LFO design is unique. A mix control allows mixing of each LFO source, while voltage control of each LFO allows additional rate control not often seen in portable synthesizers. Each LFO can produce saw, reverse saw, triangle, and square wave outputs. The contour generators are a simple design as compared to other synthesizer models. Decay is provided by a switch, offering long or short decay times.

Oryg 10 Analog Pack contains Moon Sono Sx and nine other great VST plug-ins.

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