MiniSpillage (free)

Category: Drums
  Apr 1, 2010
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MiniSpillage is a free drum synthesizer plug-in with a high resolution DSP audio engine and a custom set of synthesis algorithms designed exclusively for original electronic percussion sounds. MiniSpillage is not a recreation of classic drum machine glories nor a homage to the past but instead aims to break new ground and provide the modern musician with an original electronic percussion instrument.

Changes in MiniSpillage v1.0.4:

  • Compatibility with DrumSpillage.
  • Improves GUI performance when running multiple instances inside some hosts.
  • Fixed a bug where GUI may not refresh properly after loading a kit/pad.
  • Fixed a bug where mouse pointer vanished during MIDI trigger note setup.
  • Fixed a minor GUI issue where meters may display signal prior to any audio activity.
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Sound in demo made by AudioSpillage.