HurdyGurdyLE (free)

HurdyGurdyLE is free(donationware) VST plug-in for Windows PC.

HurdyGurdyLE recreates the sound and playing technique of the Hurdy Gurdy. It has been built to recreate not only the sound but also the true behaviour of the original instrument.

HurdyGurdyLE Features

  • Chanter and Drones will sound continuously as long as the instrument is playing.
  • As with the real instrument, the sound will not stop when all keys are released. Instead the base key note plays on.
  • Use the pitch wheel or a continuous MIDI controller to activate the trompette buzz. Playing the trompette will also alter pitch and volume for increased realism.
  • Use aftertouch or pitch wheel to bend the chanter note. This is done by pressing the key against the chanter string and does not influence the pitch of the drones.

    Visit: Soundbytes

    DOWNLOAD 6.90 mb

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