HTT-SIKA Oriental Scale (free)

HTT-SIKA Oriental Scale is is free virtual instrument plug-in for Windows PC and Mac.

Sika is a SoundFont player dedicated to oriental sounds and Arabic traditional scales plus a percussion loop player (Maksoom style). It includes 9 sampled instruments: Oud, Sax, Nay, Accordion, Turkish Trumpet, Trumpet, 3 Kanoun sounds and 9 percussion loops.

HTT-SIKA Oriental Scale Features

  • 3 simultaneous sound sources (factory, user, percussion).
  • 9 oriental sampled instruments (plus percussion loops).
  • Recordable scale changes over time.
  • User sound bank to load external SoundFonts.
  • Percussion programmed loops.
  • Doff and Riq Maksoom styles.
  • Sync to host with tempo changes.
  • Full automation control.
  • Reverb unit with separate sends.

Visit: Human Touch Technology

DOWNLOAD 62.9 mb

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