Cello Freebie (free)

Cello Freebie is a free cello instrument library for UVI Workstation, demonstrating the upcoming Bohemian Cello library.

Recording the Cello was an obvious choice after launching the Violin. We set about auditioning Cellists in Bohemia and found the perfect performer, Joseph. The Cellist not only had to be schooled in the Cello to a high standard, but had to sit perfectly with our existing performer, Ondrej, the Bohemian Violin. So Ondrej improvised on the Violin and allowed Joseph to join in to make music on the fly, the two performers complimented each other perfectly and the recording of the Cello commenced.

This Micro Library is a tiny snippet of the full Bohemian Cello, some samples you hear are included in the full release, like the Pizzicatos, on the other hand some samples are exclusive to this freebie.

Cello Freebie Features

  • 800MB digital download only.
  • Pizzicato & Spiccato rhythm.
  • 1,372+ unique samples.
  • Sample resolution: 96kHz – 24bit.
  • 4 true round robins.
  • No iLok licensing required.

The Cello Freebie is a free download for UVI Workstation 2.6.3 or higher.

Visit: Virharmonic

Download 800 mb

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