Drumbot – Free online tools for musicians

Drumbot is website that offers a set of free online tools for musicians or anyone interested in composing beats. Drumbot is made up of a guitar tuner, a drum beat generator, metronome, a drum pattern sequencer, and a tap beats per minute (BPM) indicator.

Using the music apps in Drumbot is pretty straightforward. The Guitar Tuner lets you compare and calibrate the tune of your guitar. Drumbot allows you to instantly create a drum track by sequencing various drumbeats where you can export a .wav file of your work.

The Drum Pattern Sequencer lets you generate drum sounds by inputting various patterns of drum components where you can also adjust the BPM of the drum and save a copy of your work. Meanwhile, the Metronome helps you maintain your timing while playing and you can also change the sound and adjust the beats and the BPM. Finally, the Tap BPM helps you determine the beats per minute of a song by just tapping keys in your keyboard.

Drumbot is a perfect tool for percussionists and band musicians that need a companion app to synchronize their rhythm. This app is also a nice study tool if you want to master playing drums.


  • Free online applications for musicians
  • Save a copy of your work for drumbot and drum pattern sequencer
  • Export your work as .wav in drumbot
  • Save an offline copy of guitar tuner, tap BPM, and metronome

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