ClapLab (freeware)

Category: Drums
  Dec 13, 2010
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ClapLab is freeware virtual analog instrument for Windows PC.

Create your own claps in analog style with ClapLab. It has all the necessary features to create a wide scala of clap sounds. The graphical envelope can create crunch in the attack, but can also be used to create more percussion style sounds. A saturator is provided to give extra punch, filter and EQ provided to get rid of unwanted frequencies. ClapLab comes with 10 useful example presets, that can be edited to your likings with a breeze. This VSTi is offered as freeware and can be used in commercial productions without any restrictions.

ClapLab Features

  • Graphical Amp Envelope.
  • Noise Envelope.
  • Filter Envelope.
  • Filter.
  • 3 band EQ.
  • Saturator.
  • 9 presets.
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