Arc 5 X J-Path (free)

Arc 5 X J-Path is a free sound bank and artist edition synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

The first artist worked with us is Seoul based DJ, producer aficionado J-Path. As a result of the collaboration, Archetype Instruments and J-Path have released free J-Path bank and Arc 5 J-Path edition.

J-Path bank offers 64 presets primarily focused on dual arpeggiator function designed to be integrated as a loop. The bank consists of Korean tradition instrument (Gayaguem) and various sounds that can be tweaked to the user’s taste. Feel the sounds from the east with J-Path bank.

*Arc 5 J-Path edition is a lite edition of Arc 5. It’s fully working but banks and some functions are limited.

The soundset and Arc 5 J-Path edition (Windows VST) are available to download at no cost.

Visit: Arc 5 X J-Path

Download 7.00 mb

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