Sun Ra (freeware)

Synth (Hybrid) – Ambient texture generator.

  • Dual synthesis architecture. The sound is generated by the conjunction of 1 subtractive oscillator (7 waveforms) and 2 WAV files with samples from real solar sounds.
  • Wave loading option. The users can substitute the 2 internal waves (SOLAR MODES) their favourite .WAV files.
  • Randomization capabilities. The sampled waves (SOLAR MODES) pass through three consecutive note-sequencers (MUSIK, GROOVE and VARIATIONS), which reproduce MIDI patterns that can be combined in several ways. The subtractive oscillator (HELIOS HEARTBEAT) features also its own 3 self-generative modes of randomization, called QUANTA, VOICES and MULTIPLIER.
  • Built in effects. The synth has a bank of selectable send effects, which includes chorus, delay, random and filter, and another 4-Mode filter (Lo Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject) completes the signal path after the master out.
  • 3 note polyphonic.
  • Completely automatable via MIDI CC.
  • Includes 24 Factory Presets to give and idea of the potential of the synth.
  • Moderate CPU use (+-20% Athlon 1200).

    Visit: Elogoxa

    DOWNLOAD 3.82 mb

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