SKANNER (free)

SKANNER is a free synthesizer VST plug-in

Stephan Schmitt – the father of REAKTOR, always brings something new to the table. This time it’s SKANNER – a powerful REAKTOR synth built on unique synthesis architecture.

SKANNER ingeniously mixes sampler and synthesizer. The two oscillators ‘scan’ a sample; at low frequencies you get the ‘scratch’ sound of the sample being read back and forth, while at higher frequencies the dominant force is the oscillators being shaped by the sample waveform. The resulting sounds are raw, dirty and highly unpredictable – from simple sine waves to walls of noise.

Skanner for Reaktor 5 Player and Reaktor 5 (requires version 5.6.2 or higher) is available as a free download.

Visit: Native Instruments

DOWNLOAD 28.0 mb

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