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  Feb 2, 2010
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Eric Beam has released Module Series, a number of EQ, compressor and filter audio processing modules for Windows PC.

  • P3Q-1 - 3-Band Parametric EQ: FPC mode (Filter Phase Compensation), Hyper extended Q, EQ IN switch for A/B comparison.
  • LVA-1 - Leveling Amplifier: Smooth characteristic, Unlinked/Linked stereo image processing, Detection Filters & Drive, Key listen.
  • FBC-1 - Feed-Back Compressor
  • FFC-1 - Feed-Forward Compressor
  • LIM-1 - Hard/Soft Limiter: Hard/Soft modes, Channel Link/Unlink, Classic limiter sound (Not to be confused with modern brick-wall limiters)
  • Peak-1/2/3 & LFS-1 - Low/Mid-Range/High/Low(Shelf) frequency EQ: Push/Pull style Cut & Boost, Slope control, Width control.
  • HFS-1 - High frequency Shelf EQ: Push/Pull style Cut & Boost, Slope control.
  • LPF-1/HPF-1 - Low/High-Pass Filter: Slope control, Extended range mode.
  • SUB-1 - Low Frequency Management: 0-200 hz High-Pass/ Low-Pass modes, Filter / Shelf EQ modes, Slope width, Cut / Boost.
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