Green Bundle (freeware)

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  Feb 2, 2010
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Little) Tube Booster: R2.33 (01.30.2005)“The fastest stereo tube preamp I've ever made!' (freeware)

Wurr Audio Reverb: R1.1 (01.30.2005)A small and handy VST reverb (freeware)

Wurr Audio Filtertьte: R1.1 (03.19.2005)
2 band, full parametric, Hi-shelf, Lo-shelf, Eq filter with internal 4-time oversampling and speaker protection (freeware)

Green Gate: For all who use other guitar amp sims and miss the “smooth” noise gate (freeware)

GreenMachine Amp II: High qualitiy VST guitar amplifier / effects.

Visit: Wurr audio

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