Bootsy Rescue v.1.2.1 (freeware)

Category: Dynamic
  Jan 29, 2010
Total votes: 1023

Rescue is an analog style modelled signal designer, introducing spatial imaging as well assonic resolution improvements to program material. It features simple yet powerful solo signal alteration: transient shaping, imaging and depth balancing.
Rescue features

  • Minimum latency processing.
  • Low cpu usage.
  • Stereo widening preserves mono compatibility.
  • Inherent mid/side processing.
  • Gain and limit operates on per channel base.
  • Switchable signal colouration.
  • Dynamic noise model.
  • State of the art signal processing and modelling algorithms implemented.
  • Plugin integration is done with Synthmaker software.
  • Performance crucial parts are written in assembler.
  • 'ANALOG' section is SSE optimized (the m/s section can't).
More information about Rescue can be found in the manual (pdf included in the download).

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