Oberhaim Matrix-1000 - Free bass samples

Category: Samples / Loops
  Apr 21, 2010
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All the sounds have been sampled (recorded) from Oberheim Matrix-1000.Sampling card Digidesign Digi 001.

Sound format: Wav, 16 bit samples and 44.000 hertz.

Five different sounds.

About Matrix-1000:

The Matrix 1000 provides an excellent source of pads, textures and ambient sounds. It has 195 keyboard sounds, 118 strings, 130 woodwinds & perc, 239 synthesizer, 119 bass, 74 lead and 125 effects. For the price, there is no better way to find genuine analog Oberheim Matrix sounds in a compact and very in-expensive rack module that is loaded with more sounds than you'll ever need! The older versions of the Matrix 1000 have a black front-panel. The newer models in the '90's have a cream face-plate (pictured above). It has been used by Apollo 440, Juno Reactor, Moby, Cirrus, Fatboy Slim, Laurent Garnier, ATB, Depeche Mode, Future Sound of London, Pet Shop Boys, and Faithless.

DOWNLOAD 13.01 mb