Tokyo Dawn Labs releases Feedback Compressor II beta 4

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  Feb 5, 2013
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Tokyo Dawn Labs has announced beta 4 of the freeware Feedback Compressor II (click to see image) effect plugin.

The TDR Feedback Compressor II is a radical revamp of its critically acclaimed predecessor. The processor elegantly combines the self-adjusting properties of feed-back compression with an advanced, yet musically intuitive control scheme.

Changes In Feedback Compressor II Beta 4

  • Re-built the whole project based on the JUCE library (previously VSTGUI).
  • x64 performance issues solved.
  • Fixed a bug which corrupted the claim 'Bit transparent without processing'.
  • Fixed a (practically irrelevant) bug related to an internal re-sampling filter.
  • Key Filter selection now via Combo-Box.
  • Smooth, fancy LED animations.
  • 'Peak Mode' is now 'Peak Ratio', was moved to the right and has a new switch graphic.
  • Velocity based knobs/sliders.
  • 'Jump to default value' now via double-click.
The new beta is available to download for Windows (VST). With the move to the JUCE framework, Mac VST and AU is expected in the near future.

Visit: Tokyo Dawn Labs