Synth Magic releases LUCEifer

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  Feb 20, 2012
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Synth Magic has released LUCEifer, a free VSTi plugin for Windows inspired by Polymoog's famous Vox Humana sound.

Hello! Been doing more on the free LUCEifer PC synth. Anders from Flavours of Lime has kindly designed the GUI for it and I have added an extra layer so it can now play Vox Humana and Polymoog strings at the same time. There are a few little quirks that need to be ironed out.

I'm also hoping to add further sounds to it selectable from the front panel. I'm still getting to grips with the SM package. Big thanks to some of the people at SM forums who helped out when I needed guidance on how to do certain things.

If you use the free instruments on offer and like them then please consider making a donation to Centrepoint charity for the homeless.

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