Sleepy-Time Records announces Transient effect plugin

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  Nov 12, 2012
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Sleepy-Time Records has announced the release of its Transient freeware effect plugin.

Transient is a transient processing VST for Microsoft Windows operating systems. It marks the first KVR DC entry by Sleepy-Time Records!

Transient Features

  • Mono and Stereo compatibility.
  • Transient detection and volume processing.
  • Manual timing adjustment for transient detection and processing.
  • Adjustable filters for transient detection and processing.
  • External sidechain inputs: Mono tracks accept mono sidechain, Stereo tracks accept mono or stereo sidechain.
  • Solo attack, sustain, left, and right.
  • Adjustable volume range for transient detection.
Transient is available as a free download at KVR Audio.

Visit: Sleepy-Time Records