Sinevibes sets Oscillator AudioUnit plugin free

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  May 1, 2012
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Sinevibes is giving away its Oscillator AudioUnit plugin free of charge (previously $19).

''Oscillator is an effect plug-in that lets you turn any audio into sci-fi effects, glitches and noises. It is based on a unison sine oscillator with up to six widely detunable voices whose parameters are modulated using the input signal's dynamics. Each oscillator can also be individually ring-modulated with the input signal.

Combined with phase randomization and frequency stepping features, all this lets Oscillator turn any audio signal into a wide variety of sounds and effects – from interesting synths, basses and melodic strums to blips, zaps, glitches and beyond.''

You can download Oscillator for Mac OS X at the Sinevibes website.

Visit: Sinevibes