Signaldust has released Dust Equalize

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  Aug 22, 2012
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Signaldust has released Dust Equalizer, a freeware analog modeled channel EQ in VST plugin format for Windows.

This is designed for less is more and comes with a pair of filters, pair of shelves and two mid-freq bells. This isn't quite cookbook stuff. Have fun trying to match them with a stock EQ.

Tech-wise these use a fitting method to approximate analog response, improving the high-freq shape significantly (whether you compare to cookbook or Orfanidis-style compensation). To further improve the very-high frequency response there's 2x oversampling (actually that's mostly so the high-shelf cutoff can go to 24kHz and the low-pass to 28kHz, but it also looks a bit better in a spectrum analyzer).

Processing is done with my SVF-inspired filter structure which is cheap to calculate while handling low-frequencies rather better than the average direct form filter (proper 0df SVF would be even better, but would roughly double the CPU.. I tried, but figured it's not really worth it).

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