SEMC introduces Super Analog Kick

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  Apr 23, 2014
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SEMC has introduced Super Analog Kick, a free sample library.

Super Analog Kicks by Juna(SEMC) offers you more than 400 kick samples which have been crafted from Mbase11. The Mbase11 was originally manufactured by jomox and was the advanced version of Mbase01.The results of a high resolution recording with class A equipments are going to touch your hearts! 

Here is a list of the equipments used to create the Super Analog Kicks: Protool HD System, Jomox Mbass11, Tube Tech CL1B, Brent Averill 1272 Preamp, dbx 160A Compressor.

Sample pack is available to download for free from Vin Sound.

Visit: Vin Sound