Robert Henke introduces LFO 2.0 for Ableton Live

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  Jan 3, 2014
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Robert Henke has released LFO 2.0, a free device rack for Ableton Live.

LFO 2.0 is the result of trying to build the best general purpose swiss knife LFO for myself. It needs Ableton Live 9.x with Max4Live installed.

It offers three basic ways of modulating a target: Directly via Live’s engine, (Engine) which disables manual control of the target parameter and is perfect for fast modulations. Or via a method similar to manually turning a knob on the user interface (GUI), which can create automation data when recording.

And, as a third mode it can put out the modulation as audio signal (Audio) which is useful for creating control voltages for analog synthesizers.

The device is a free download at Robert Henke’s website.

Visit: Robert Henke