Rich Douglas Music releases free “Dryer Drum of DEATH”

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  Aug 12, 2011
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Rich Douglas has released Dryer Drum of DEATH, a free Kontakt library.

Dryer Drum of DEATH is your average every day dryer which has been meticulously recorded and turned into 5 multi-sampled Kontakt instruments. Surprisingly, this library is geared toward building cinematic tension / suspense, creating eerie cinematic percussive ambiances, and helping to augment high octane action cues. There is even an included delay complete with built in step sequencer that tempo syncs to the host. The company intends this to be a great library for creating tensions.

Dryer Drum of DEATH features:

  • 3 to 4 Velocity Layers for most samples.
  • Multiple hits from a metal dryer (some sound-designed).
  • Sample base is unlocked.
  • Reverb pre-added for added epicness.
  • Built in Kontakt delay arp that tempo syncs to host sequencer.
  • Mod wheel controls the attack to get even more dynamic control.
Visit: Rich Douglas