Necromare releases Finger Pop, Waterphone and Celesta

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  Nov 8, 2010
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Necromare has released three new free sample-based VST instruments for Windows.

New Necromare Plug-ins

  • Finger Pop (click to see image), comprised of three waves spread across the keyboard. includes recordings of a low, med and hi finger pop for variety. Simple but might be good for rhythm padding.
  • Waterphones (click to see image), featuring sounds from the waterphone instrument – The mysteriously cool Waterphone..well plural. There are two instruments in one here. The lower octaves are a traditional waterphone. The Upper octaves are a vel sensitive experimental waterphone sound.
  • Celesta (click to see image), instrument with a soft dream like sound sampled over 4 octaves. plus a body hit sound at the last octave.
Necromare plug-ins are available to download at no cost. Donations are appreciated.

Visit: Necromare