Myloops intros Trance Insights Vol. 1: Free Mini Trance Template

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  Jun 11, 2014
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Myloops has introduced Trance Insights Vol. 1, a free template pack for trance music production.

This is an entirely new mini trance template which you can download and open up in your favorite sequencer. You can play around with it, learn from the mixing, MIDI files and FX chains, build around it and use some parts in your own productions. The template is available in the following sequencers : Ableton Live, FL Studio, Cubase, Logic Pro, Bitwig Studio and Presonus Studio One.

The mini-template is a short 16 bars long arrangement that could be the buildup of an uplifting trance production. As simple as it may be, it contains some of the essential bricks in trance music : kick, drums, bassines, pluck synth, acid and some white noise effects. The template also includes some of the essential mixing tricks like side-chaining and per-channel EQing.


Trance Insights Vol. 1 is available to download for free at Myloops website (registration is required).

Visit: Myloops