Lukas Blersch sets free Thesis 2 granular delay

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  Jul 31, 2014
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Lukas Blersch has announced that its Thesis 2, granular delay VST effect plug-in for Windows is now available to download for free.

The granular delay that supports pitch shifting, timestretching, panning options and LFO modulation.

Fully MIDI integrated and tempo synchronised, along with a preset system that supports real time preset changes.

Windows 32 bit or bridged 64 bit.

Thesis 2 Features

  • Pitch shifters, unisono, bitcrushers, delay effects and more.
  • Midi learn, keyboard + pitchbend.
  • Stereo imaging tools.
  • High quality sound processing tools.
  • Custom skins.

Thesis 2 is available as a free download at ShuLukHash.

Visit: ShuLukHash