LittleStudios LSGate free gate plugin updated to v1.02

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  Jul 6, 2012
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LittleStudios has released version 1.02 of LSGate, a free trance gate effect plug-in for Windows.

LSGate is a sequential step gate. It can be used to add rythmic patterns to your audio or a smooth tremelo as well.

LSGate Features

  • 32-step gate with adjustable volume, attack and decay, audible note length for each step and overall note length of each step.
  • Variable amount of steps per cycle.
  • Smooth transitions with Merge function.
  • Syncs to host tempo and transport (when transport is playing).
  • Copy & Paste control values for velocity faders, step length and note length (between controllers of the same type).
LSGate for Windows (VST) is available to download at no cost.

Visit: LittleStudios