Iliadis updates Efthimia Electronic Organ to v1.4

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  Mar 12, 2010
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Iliadis has updated Efthimia Electronic Organ to v1.4.

The Efthimia Organ is a Hammond Clone Simulation. It offers Clean Sine Drawbars for 2 Manuals and Bass Pedals, a Percussion Osc with the 9 Standard Harmonics, 2nd Generation Key Click Imitation from Iliadis, Vibrato/Chorus and Studio Reverb.


  • GUI Changes.
  • Now with 2 Percussion Oscs.
  • Better Percussion Decay.
  • Now with Overdrive.
  • Adjustable Drawbars Tone.
  • The Click Noise (not the Key Click is fixed).
Efthimia Organ is free / donationware / giftware.

Visit: Iliadis